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Induction motor construction

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    I want to known the stator design of an indiction motor. How may turns required for each pole. For exmple if a single phase motors is designed to run at 230v ac, how may turns required in each pole. If the same motor is designed to be run in lower voltage (say 110v ac or 12v ac) what will be the required turns in each pole? Definitely wire required in lower vltage required thicker than higher voltage as the power will be same. Is there any guide to know this?
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    It's the current that induces the flux. So constant current → constant flux.

    The self induction in the coil is proportional to N2, N = number of turns. Reducing N, you can use wire with bigger cross sectional area, thus the resistance in the wire will be reduced by a factor N2 / N1.

    So roughly: Say N230V = 500, N110V will be ≈114.

    Edit: Sorry about that: . . . . N110V will be ≈346.
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