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Induction motor cost

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    If I have two induction motors, both rated power are 200KW. One is based on 400V input, and another is 1KV input. Which one will be more cost effective? How much the cost difference could be?

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    I believe that the answer would depend on the voltage of the available 3 phase supply that you have to power the motor.
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    Cost effective to purchase? Cost effective to install? Cost effective to run? They are all different things that depend on different circumstances.
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    Since P=I^2R, the 1KV one will dissipate less power in the windings in the form of heat. This means more energy is conserved and higher efficiency is achieved. The 1KV motor may also be able to have smaller conductors feeding it. Usually the higher the voltage, the lower the operating costs. Obviously this only works if you have a 1KV supply available.
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    can u explain about DC Motor and its uses
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