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Homework Help: Induction motor project advice

  1. Nov 28, 2013 #1
    I'm planning on building a simple induction motor for my class project and am hoping someone might have some advice about powering the motor. I feel a little ridiculous asking but I had almost no understanding of electricity prior to the beginning of my Physics 212 class and the text book doesn't answer all of my questions.

    I know that I need to be using an AC power source. I know that AC is what comes out of our wall. I know that I need a capacitor to make the current through my two inductors out of phase. I know that the average potential coming out of the wall socket is 120v and the frequency is 60Hz.

    Here is my ridiculous question. How do I safely wire my induction motor so that I can plug it in to the wall? Is this even the best way to power it? I thought about getting an inverter and stealing the battery out of my brother's car but is that even the best way? And if an inverter battery combo is a good idea, how do I connect my motor to the inverter?

    I'm hoping this problem is as easy as I think it is.

    Thank You
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