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Induction Motor Ratings

  1. Oct 15, 2016 #1
    Need help understanding 1MW, 6kV, 1600 RPM,Cage Rotor Asynchronous Motor, 3 Phase, 4 Poles.
    I have the basic understanding of all ratings but have received very low price for this motor but when i searched on the internet it looked huge and had very high price as compared to what i have got... is there some misunderstanding? 40 euros vs 1000's of euros.... is the 6kV rated voltage?

    Thanks for help in advance!!!
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    Thanks for the thread! This is an automated courtesy bump. Sorry you aren't generating responses at the moment. Do you have any further information, come to any new conclusions or is it possible to reword the post? The more details the better.
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    Hi i have a question i was looking at a 3 phase star/delta set up and notices the overload was lower than expected it was a 37kw motor which is 66 amps to my calculations but overload was 38 i think roughly. I looked on the motor and found at 50hz 660v at star gave the same amps as what the overload was set at. do u understand what im on about as we only work 3 phase at 415. i would be really greatfull if u could help me
    thank you
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