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Inductor's Not Found

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    Maybe your all aware of the easily available kits found online without retailers, maybe I can give you an idea of why. I got one and it's lacking an inductor. 2tenth of a MicroHenry as the other that came with it. Not only does this piece not exist in electronics shops but I cant even get it off of the internet. Now I have seen an identical purpose homemade inductor on the ipodlinux website, Oddly enough it is for boosting signal range on ipod FM transmitters. Anyway, It claimed a wrapping of wire around a resistor would be (depending on its gauge, number of turns, and if the resistor is a small resistor like mOhm) equal to an amount of henrys, used for smoothing a signal. Now if this is not a load of Bull, Maybe someone has an idea on how to make a two tenth microHenry Inductor so I can use My TV Transmitter Hmm.?
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    Update If you want take a look and see if this is correct info
    http://www.ipodwizard.net/wiki/index.php/ITrip_Amplifier [Broken]
    to amplify the Itrip attachment for ipods. I busted Mine.
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    Most electronics shops should sell coils. You can order online if your local supplier doesn't have any. Yes, you can build a coil by wrapping insulated wire around itself. What do you mean by busting yours?

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    why not just pick up the 22ga magnet wire and a 1K resistor and wrap one up?
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    With the TV transmitter I own it would take much too time to keep rewiring until I get two tenth of a MicroHenry(Thats Ten to the Negative Sixth). I did the equations for determining how many coils per coil diameter (thank you Ametuer Radio Relay Leagues Handbook), aswell I looked up the coil windings in a chart to find a suitable size, but it occures to me this is for air cored inductors. Very easy to break and my case is Tiny.
    I am still searching for a better way and as of yet(6 months ~14days), I am nill for a better solution.
    OH and by the way if any one has any ideas about the fcc's regulations for broadcasting analog tv after the digital conversion i'd appreciate it, i dont think that the fcc regulated maximum power output is enough, I want to atleast cover my backyard(70dB) or so. lol
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    your link actually indicates 10uH (1 times ten to the negative FIVE). other than that, i can't tell if you're asking for a 10 or 20nH (2 times ten to the negative eight) or something else.

    and after 6 months, i think you could've wound a few hundred coils. ;) the image there suggests 10 to 20, so you need enough material for 11 prototypes...
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    0.2 microHenry is only about 6 inches of 22 awg. If you coil it up, it can be even shorter. Is this the for-real value?
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    In my opinion, you can change the value of other components a little to use a 0.22uH which is a standard value. Engineering is a art of complemise!! It is very important to know what is the standard value of resistors, caps, and inductors and start off design with that in mind so you don't end up with odd values. I designed precission circuits before, very very few times I need to get specialty values except for resistors which is the easiest of the three.
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