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Industrial engineering to chemical engineering

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    Hi, in about 1 year i will graduate with a ba in industrial engineering from a university in Peru. I have really good grades and its supposed to be the best at I.E in the country.
    I really like science and i have realized that I.E is not really for me since it is more oriented towards management.

    I wanted to know if i had any chance of applying to a graduate program in a first world country in chemical, electrical, civil or mechanical engineering. (i like all of them).

    Since i studied in Peru i don't know if any university will take me seriously. The grading system is not based in gpa, it goes from 0-20 (i have 16.4 but if i work really hard i could end up graduating with a 17)

    my dream is to use my creativity and scientific knowledge to design or build cool stuff.

    If what i ask is not possible what other options do i have?
    btw i am 20 years old.
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