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Inelastic Collision with Friction and angle

  1. Mar 21, 2010 #1
    Suppose the traffic investigators determined from the skid marks that these cars came to rest with a displacement of 9.72m at 72 degrees North of East, and the coefficient of friction was .72. The red car had a mass of 1000kg, but the blue car's mass was 1300 kg in this accident. Find the velocities (in mph) of each car immediately before their collision.

    Solution: I used two formulas that I read in another forum but we have never been taught the first one in class. First I used ( Vf2-Vo2=-2UkgD) then M1V1i+M2V2i=(M1+M2)Vf

    Theta=72 degrees



    I got 60.3 mph for the Red Car and 46.4 mph for the Blue Car. Any idea if that is the correct way to go about this problem.
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