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Inequality proof

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    Show that for each complex sequence [tex]c_1, c_2, ..., c_n[/tex] and for each integer [tex]1 \leq H < N[/tex] one has the inequality

    | \sum_{n=1}^N c_n|^2 \leq \frac{4N}{H+1} ( \sum_{n=1}^N |c_n|^2 + \sum_{h=1}^H | \rho_N(h)|)

    Any one.....matt grime perhaps? :wink:

    note: if anyone actually wants to work this out let me know and I will fill in the missing parts...but don't ask me to do it.... :tongue2:
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    Yeah, that's good. The more fancy meaningless symbols, the better. :biggrin:
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    There is an important part missing but it is a true bound...not just meaningless... :smile:
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    Okay, I'll take your word for it. It would be nice if someone were around to explain it to me. :wink:
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    Yeah...it would take a really smart....creative....mathematician to do so...who would be able to do that I wonder??????
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    ... and patient. I've never even worked with complex numbers before. You can just treat them as ordered pairs of real numbers, right? I think I'd like that approach.
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    I know the solution, but I won't say to give other people a chance. It's not that hard.
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    Its packman eating flies, so the ansewer must be MxBxHs
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