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Inequality with 4 variables

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    Good day, I have this problem that appeared in some practical problem that I'm working on.
    I basically want to find the boundaries of a,b,c,d for which the following inequality is satisfied, if a,b,c,d [itex]\in[/itex] ℝ[itex]^+[/itex] and the inequality is:
    [itex] -2 \cdot d + c - a \cdot (c \cdot d)^2 + a \cdot c + \frac{1}{a \cdot c \cdot b^2} \ge 0 [/itex]
    How would one approach such a problem, to find the exact solution set?
    I'm not really expecting you to solve it, but I'd very much like to hear some advice on how to approach such a problem, to get some information from it, because I want to learn something new.
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