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Inerpretation of voltage and current phasor in transmission line.

  1. Jan 13, 2009 #1
    I have been trying to interpretating the voltage and current phasors in transmission line. I want to verify with you guys/gals here what my understanding. I am using only the voltage phasor as an example. I separate phasor V(z) into V(z)+ and V(z)-. I put the load at z=0 and V(z=0) at +r axis( in blue color). I also use l=-z. My observations are:

    1) The +ve and -ve voltage phasors are stationary for any given -[tex]\beta[/tex]z or [tex]\beta[/tex]l.
    2) Different value of [tex]\beta[/tex]l give different position of the two phasors.
    3) The angle of the +ve and -ve phasor are [tex]\beta[/tex]l and -[tex]\beta[/tex]l resp.


    Please give me your thoughts.
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