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Inertia and Entanglement, Any link? Any toy model? Any idea?

  1. Aug 28, 2006 #1

    Have you already thought at the huge entanglement of our universe?
    Given its common big-bang origin, everything within our universe should be somehow entangled.
    Decoherence does not mean this large scale entanglement should be without consequences.

    Would it be conveivable to link that to Inertia, Mass, or the Mach's Principle?
    Or even to the origin of space-time?

    Have you read anything about such a possibility?
    What are your thougths?
    Could you create a toy model for that?
    What would you keep as foundations to try such a theory?
    And to start with, what would be the consequences of universe-wide entanglement, based on existing theories?



    I posted here because I woul preffer to travel starting from QM.
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