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Inertia, Apathy, Boredom, Depression

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    Has anyone experienced a time of apathy and intertia in which you are fully aware of all that needs to be done and yet don't do it? Has it ever come after a period of intense work and passionate commitment to a project, work, a person?

    I ask because I am at the end of a seven-month period of intense, sever pain due to a back problem. Throughout this time I have managed to stay reasonably happy and focused on getting well. Recently though I have had to battle a sense that I might not get better and this has led to a certain amount of lethargy and lack of commitment to the future. The feeling will go away of course but it is curious how the mind can shut down when it doesn't want to play ball anymore.
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    My magic 8-ball says, "the future is uncertain."
    I can sympathize with your situation, but the main thought that comes to mind is that this kind of feeling may not simply "go away". It more likely will take some kind of action or thought process to get over it; sadly I don't know the secret.
    I would try to look on the positive side as much as possible. For instance, the fact that you might not get better inherently implies the possibility that you might get better. That's the thing with "maybes", either outcome is possible, and if you work more towards your preferred outcome, it is more likely to become the actual outcome.
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    Prozac my friend.. Prozac. Kidding... I can fully empathize. Time will pass but for now try to keep your chin up.
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    I think it is unrelated to the previous state, except that obviously before a time of apathy there was a time of activity, because is the only way to notice the difference. A related interesting concept is athambia.
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    Yes, I have...

    Do something, get help if you need it. Don't let it go to far. I didn't get help, I tried, but counselors were more interested in talking about physics than helping me. Anyway, It doesn't sound like your in that much trouble yet, but, I can't tell to much either way from your post.

    One theory is that your "right-brain" is rebelling, solution, take a vacation. another could be that your having a nervous breakdown (which is what happened to me), in that case get help. One thing that helped me was "natural brilliance" by learning strategies.

    GL and feel free to P.M. me if you want/need more advice.

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