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Inertia Load Analysis on a Bolted Connection.

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    {****not a homework question****}

    This question has a slightly different theme than the typical torque and inertia problem - I have to determine stress on a bolt.

    A steel block of mass M is bolted to the rim of a slowly rotating steel disc of radius R whose axis is horizontal; the rotating disc is subjected to starts and stops. The angular acceleration during each start and stop is known to be constant. It is required to find all the loads acting on the bolt so that a correct size and strength can be determined.

    I think the worst case is when the block is positioned horizontally. When it is, I think that we have a static load due to its weight and this causes shear in the bolt; then also I think that it may have an inertia load due to acceleration during starts and stops that add to the static shear load in the bolt.

    During rotation, I think that normal forces on the bolt cause a tensile load. Is this a correct assumption?

    Are their any other loads on this bolt?

    How to determine inertia load due acceleration during starts and stops?
    How to determine the normal loads in the bolt during disc rotation?

    Thanks for any tips.
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