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A Inertia & moment of Inertia

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    Have a look at attached formula. This is a part of a software. it is 'Inertia' which has 'Kg.m^2' unit.
    You know 'Kg.m^2' is 'Moment of Inertia' unit. What is your idea about this? Does it use 'Inertia' as 'Moment of Inertia'?
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    Don't see no formula. Impossible to answer without any context whatsoever. Anything more ? If not, go with your assumption.
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    The unit of measure for "speed" is given as rpm (revolutions per minute). Together with the kg⋅m2 unit of measure for "inertia", it is near certain that it is dealing with rotation and that "moment of inertia" is meant.
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