Inertial forces in pistons

  1. Ok so here's the question im looking at.
    A piston and cylinder mechanism is connected to a crank shaft. The crank is 50mm long, the connecting rod 250 mm long and the piston has a mass of 150g. If the engine speed is w rad/sec and the crankshaft torque T Nm calculate:-

    i) Max inertial force between the piston and connecting rod
    ii) Max. force in the connecting rod

    My question is where to start.

    I know
    Angular momentum = Inertia x w

    Force = Torque/ distance

    Torque = angular momentum x Inertia

    Now for the seond pat of the question, combining two of the above equations i get

    Force = (angular momentum X inertia) / distance.

    The problem is i have no idea where to start, if someone could give me a startpoint i would be greatfull. Im sure once i have that then the rest will fall into place
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