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Homework Help: Inertial referance frames

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    when I read what inertial frames I understand and it make sense but unfortunately when I try to apply what I understood on that question ,I cant illustrate these frames. Please help.

    question is that: I am standing on a level floor at the origine of an inertial frame ( S) and kick a frictionles puck due north across the floor.
    a) write down x and y coordinates of the puck as functions of time as seen from my inertial frame .
    (if I take x and y axes pointing east and north) than I can say that since the net forces on the puck is 0 , the puck will have a constant velosity toward north.
    ( x,Y ) = ( 0, vot)
    b) now consider more observers,the first at rest in a frame (S')that travels constant velocity v due east relative to (S),the second at rest in a frame (S'') that travels with constant acceleration due east relative to (S). Find the ( x`,y`) of the puck and describe the puck`s path as seen from (S').
    c) do the same for (S'') which of the frames is inertial ? ( which I know if the frame is accelerating then it is not inertial)

    ( I think I solved the problem just after I wrote here. )

    How can I do that ? Is thare any resources you know that I can read and maybe see some similar examples ?
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    Have you looked into the Kinematics chapter of Resnick & Halliday ?

    There's a nice Java applet here : http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/viewtopic.php?t=227 [Broken]
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