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Infinite density(artificial)

  1. Jan 12, 2012 #1
    Could you guys help me out ,
    are there any known ways to mankind how to create artificial infinite density? I guess we have went in that direction by exploding the hydrogen bomb where spherical charges ignite and compress the inner sphere to a point when fusion can happen and release it's energy.But did that one count as infinite density point for that moment when the bomb went on? Have there been any other similar things and if not is there a possibility to create such a thing here on earth?
    Because in stars and in black holes after the stars lifetime the inner core shrinks to infinite density because of gravity , so is it right that gravity and strong gravity in such case is the only thing that is capable of squeezing matter to infinite density?
    Thanks for answers.:)
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    The densities your refer to may be very large, but they are not infinite.
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