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Infinite energy, light speed.

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    I'm kind of new to theory and, here is something I thought about, please tell me if I'm wrong.

    If it takes infinite energy to travel at speed of light, photons that travel at speed of light, must have infinite amount of energy, and if time flow is approaching 0 for the (photon), photon energy is approaching infinity, since there is no time flow for that object. It would be impossible to measure it's speed because it would "drop out" from our time dimension. And the speed that had been measured is not actual light speed , but a speed that of photon that had been slowed down by gravity of objects in universe and other forces, there for it still in our 4D.
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    Infinite energy of What to travel at the speed of light?
    I don't know about protons ....but then again It doesn't take infinite energy for a power station to light up your average 60W light bulb.

    You also cannot have infinite energy, nobody knows what number infinite really is in any case.

    Then again, I've just started physics... and it shows.
    Interesting read :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-light
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    You assumption is wrong. Objects with non-zero mass cannot move at the speed of light, in part because it would require infinite energy to make them move that fast. However, photons do not have non-zero mass so that does not apply to photons.

    No, it's not impossible to measure the speed of light. I'm not clear where you get that "it would 'drop out' from our time dimension"- or even what that means.

    A photon is NOT "slowed down by gravity". Nothing can slow down a photon- it always moves at the speed of light.
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