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Infinite Matrix

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    I thought I started a thread on this topic, but than I could not find it when I looked later, so here goes again. I apologize if this is a duplicate.

    I have been fascinated with the concept of infinity since I was in elementary school and my questions frustrated my teachers.

    I would like to present the philosophical concept for existence beyond the Standard Model of an Infinite Matrix (IM) for comments and feedback. The IM is unquantisized infinite and eternal matrix that everything physical exists, ie matter energy, singularities, or whatever. The IM may have more dimensions, but for simplicity I will propose a four dimensional IM. Would this concept be useful for a computer model of possible existences.

    Has anyone else presented this concept in one way or another?
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    Sounds like a lattice to me. People to lattice simulations of QCD on computers. Obviously to do calculations you use a finite lattice but these calculations just give you approximations. Once you take the limit that the lattice is infinite by both making the lattice spacing to zero and taking the size of the lattice to infinity then the answer should approach the physical one.

    More generally in quantum field theory every point is space is a degree of freedom. In the functional form of QFT you generalise the idea of a finite matrix to a kind of infinite matrix where the sum that appears in a normal matrix multiplication becomes an integral over all of space and time. But in continuum formalisms of QFT one uses differential operators instead of matrices.

    Also the Heisenberg first formulated quantum mechanics as "matrix mechanics". He didn't even know about matrices when he first did the work.
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