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Infinite number of explanations for something

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    I was watching a movie, basic instinct, and i got to thinking. I wondered, is it possible to have an infinite number of explanations for something. Mathematics sprung to mind. Could and entirely different scheme exist for explaining wat math does? Like different languages: je suis american, i am american. Two ways of saying the same thing.

    It seems only logical that there could be any number of ways to explain things we see as common knowledge, atypically.
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    First of all, basic instinct is a great movie. And what do your questions have to do with that movie?
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    Nothing at all. It was merely the impetus.
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    i think you can change the syntax and terminology, but you're really not changing the core idea behind it.

    the same way that with language, you can say the same thing many different ways in different languages, but most linguists believe there is some underlying fundamental "universal grammar", at least of some sort. it may look different, but it's really the same thing.

    you can change the way we write math so that it looks nothing like we write it, but you can't change the meaning behind it. for instance a^2 + b^2 = c^2. i'm sure it's possible for that to be written in a completely foreign way, but in none of those ways would the statement be false--it just looks different.
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