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Infinite Photons

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    Hey since , the electromagnetic force range is infinite
    it means that however how far you are from an object you will see it

    and we know that for example with a light creating object, if at one time t, lets say a number n of photons are created , they will all become more far apart from each other. If n is not infinite, and one point there should be spaces between 2 photons of the time t photons circle (if object is circle, and if no obstacles)

    and since , theres no spaces in reality , an infinite number of photons is created in a time range (t2 - t1) as close as possible to 0 :

    therefore, time range : 10^-infinite

    so in conclusion it would mean that in an infinitively small amout of time , an infinity of photons is created

    how can this be ? or is it just our brains that are not developed enough to understand such things (i mean we can "know" , but its really hard to imaginate and be completely persuaded by this)
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