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Homework Help: Infinite Potential Well Help!

  1. May 1, 2007 #1
    Hi Im just found this forum and I was wondering if anyone could help me find out what exactly is a Infinite Potential Well. I am just trying to understand what exactly a Infinite Potential Well is as well as what all the equations are really solving for. Sorry if this has been posted before I am just trying to understand what exactly this is really solving for. If there is some sort of new person guide or something please link it to me? Thanks
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    why yes thats it!
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    Well ok I will be honest and Say I have no clue what so ever what I am even looking at. Basically, I need help on this subject because for a class I must present what I learned about "Particle in a Box". All I have gotten right now is the fact that what one is using is Quantum mechanics and Schrödinger equation to solve the whole problem, which I still dont know what it is yet. Im not sure exactly where to start. Do you think you could point me where exactly in the right direction?
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    You can always borrow a book on the library called "introduction to quantum mechanics" , there should be plenty =)
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    So hmmm ok
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    i recomend "Into To Quantum Mechanics" by DJ Griffiths or just searching Wikipedia!
    its fantastic!
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