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Infinite product convergence

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    does the following infinite product converge ? and what to ?


    i know it has something to do with elliptic functions ....
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    I'm not sure except I believe so for |x|<1.
    You can apply series test to the infinite sum you get by taking the logarithm of the infinite product.

    Consider also the power series expansion:
    [tex]\ln \left(1+z\right) = \sum_{k=1}^{\infty} (-)^{k+1}z^k[/tex]
    for [itex] |z|<1[/itex].
    So you can express the logarithm of your product as an infinite sum of power series.
    See if reordering gives you an answer you can use.
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    Be careful with reordering! If a series like that only conditionally converges, then by reordering, the series can converge to a different value (or even diverge).

    If it helps, Mathematica is unable to simplify that product, except for trivial values of x.
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