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Infinite Solubility

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    "The extent of solubility ranges widely, from infinitely soluble (without limit) (fully miscible[1]) such as ethanol in water, to poorly soluble, such as silver chloride in water." from wiki page of solubility

    So does it mean that you can solve ethanol in water as much as you want? Even if ethanol is much more than water?
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    If the answer is yes, can I dissolve all the ethanol that exists in a cup of water
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    In a way that's what "miscible" means.

    I would not call mixing of water and ethanol dissolution. Call it a personal preference. Also, whether after mixing cup of water with a pool of ethanol water is still a solvent (and not a solute) is something that can be questioned. Wording apart, yes, they can be mixed in any ratio, so the answer to both your questions is "yes".
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    Thanks for the answer
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