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Infinite Universe

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    Could an infinite Universe ever end?
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    No. By definition.
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    If by "end" you mean "end in space", then obviously not, as DaveC426913 pointed out.

    If by "end" you mean "end in time", i.e., "come to an end", then according to GR, no; any spatially infinite universe must keep expanding forever.
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    I didn't know that. Care to elucidate?
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    There are no solutions in the FRW family of spacetimes that are spatially infinite and recollapse; all of the spatially infinite solutions expand forever. The only solutions that recollapse are spatially finite (closed universes--but not even all of those recollapse, some, with positive cosmological constant, expand forever).
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    I'm not sure that's true. You could have universe with a negative cosmological constant and open curvature that recollapses. However, it might not "end" in the sense that quantum gravity might demonstrate that something happens after the recollapse.
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    Hm, yes, you're right. (I think a flat universe could also recollapse with a negative cosmological constant.) AFIAK, nobody has proposed that such a model might describe our actual universe, so it would not be relevant in a practical sense, but as a matter of theory, yes, such a model could be spatially infinite and recollapse.

    Yes, agreed; this would be true of closed models that recollapse as well.
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