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Infinitely small or big

  1. Oct 25, 2003 #1
    Opinion: I don't consider singularities as infinitely small entities such that their density is infinite.
    I consider a singularity as a region in 'space' where the density increases without limit but can not reach infinity since there is no reason to believe there is infinite matter in the universe which to my mind is the only way of reaching infinite density.
    The universe must be finite if it big banged and the density is observably low.If the cosmic expansion continues indefinitely, then its size will increase without limit, but never to actualise infinity.
    We can use infinity loads in mathematics of course, but I say infinity does not actually represent anything in the real universe.
    When we say a particle can escape ( something else ) to infinity, shouldn't we say that it may move to distance without limit ?
    If so, then would it have any effect on modelling situations where we currently use infinity to represent something real if we modelled a measurement as decreasing/increasing without limit instead ?
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