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Homework Help: Infinity norm of system matrix

  1. Oct 7, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    This problem is related to the system theory, using the H-infinity frame work to determine the maximum gain of a multivarible system. The system is described as

    [tex] G(s) = \begin{pmatrix} \frac{s}{s+1} & \frac{s}{s^2+s+1} \\ \frac{s-1}{s+2} & \frac{s-1}{s+1} \end{pmatrix} [/tex]

    with s a complex variable, known as the laplace operator. I want to compute the H-infinity norm of G(s), and if I'm not mistaking I can do this with

    [tex] \| G(s) \|_{\infty} := \sup_{\omega \in \mathbb{R}} \| G(i \omega) \| [/tex]

    In words: I'm looking a real valued frequency such that the two-norm of G(iw) achieves its maximum value. So that can be done with

    [tex] \| G(i\omega) \| = \sqrt{ \left| \frac{i\omega}{i\omega+1} \right|^2 + \left| \frac{i\omega}{(i\omega)^2+i\omega+1} \right|^2 + \left| \frac{i\omega-1}{i\omega+2} \right|^2 + \left| \frac{i\omega-1}{i\omega+1} \right|^2} [/tex]

    Actually, my question if is this is ok? Because I tried to compute this with matlab and that did not give the correct result (see below).

    2. Solutions according to matlab

    First I tried to compute the infinity norm of G(s):


    The result is: ninf=1.6973 (abs), fpeak=1.0651 rad/s.

    Then I wanted to compare this result to the result I get with the formule I gave above. We now know that the frequency that gives the infinity norm is equal to fpeak, thus filling this in gives;

    h_inf_norm=sqrt( abs(g11)^2+abs(g12)^2+abs(g21)^2+abs(g22)^2 )

    However, what I get is: h_inf_norm=1.1222, and not ninf=1.6973... Why is that?
    All hints/tips are welcome :-) Thanks in advance.
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