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Infinity ?

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    With the real number line. 0 is before -1 and 1.

    Both zero, and infinity are undefined.

    How does 0 touch infinity. Both are the same value, and start at 0, so for there to be infinity either infinity starts from infinity, or infinity starts from 0.

    In fact infinity has both values. It starts from 0, and infinity. Because infinity travels to 0, and zero travels to infinity.

    0 Goes both ways. Positive and negative, so infinity must also. So Infinity must touch zero by traveling to zero, and zero also travels to infinity.

    Then does negative infinity change the polarization of positive infinity traveling through 0, or do both infinities move towards zero from infinity. Then both factors of infinity, the positive and negative, move towards 0. So is there really infinity if both the positive and negative aspects of it move to 0.
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    0 is undefined?
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    Polarization of positive infinity?
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    This is nonsensical.
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