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Inflation-Holographic interpretation

  1. Aug 17, 2011 #1
    I am interested in peoples opinion on the following papers,

    hep-th/0307026 Inflation and de Sitter holography
    hep-th/0402050 Holography, diffeomorphisms, and scaling violations in the CMB

    Larson and McNees motivated from Maldecena's ADS/CFT
    analyze Inflation using the Spectulated dS/CFT
    using Renormalization group equations derived from requiring the H-J
    functional does not diverge in the IR limt (they use counter terms to control this) and that the renormalised action is invariant under diffeomorphism RG improved spectral index for scalar and tensors perturbations are calculated. They reproduce standard slow roll results
    for the spectral index n_s

    Also If anyone was familar with the explicit derivation for the equation for the
    power spectrum given in hep-th/0402050 Eq (133) and the results Eq(136)
    I would be very interested to know how these were derived the paper is not very clear in my opinion and I have to to be able to reproduce there resuts

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