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Inflation witout a beginning

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    http://bubba.ucdavis.edu/~infl03/Anthony_Aguirre/infl_infl.pdf" [Broken]



    I tried the links myself, and you can download them using "right-mouse/save as" at the link, and the files (first: PDF, second: PS) will be stored to disk.

    Note: the PS file comes with an extra ".gz" extention. Remove that extention, and get a PS file viewer to read it.

    If it doesn't work then simply do a Google search

    Google "infl_infl.pdf"

    Google "gr-qc/0301042"
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    Very intersting paper. I had some trouble with your links but located the paper with the arxiv get on the number.

    This would provide a scientific basis for the dialectical materialism satz of no beginning-no end of the universe, no?
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    It would seem not. Many papers have been writen over the past years that show that even an inflationary universe likely has a beginning. I posted several links some time ago, and I'll see if I can find them again.
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    I thought it was interesting too (though not entirely comprehensible)
    the link you gave just had couple of extra letters
    in it---when you erase the "ps/" you get something I think will work
    both authors are at princeton, one at the institute for advanced

    http://arxiv.org/gr-qc/0301042 [Broken]
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    Obviously inflation theory has progressed.....

    But I bring this paper here not because I think it's the last word on this topic.

    If you ask me, there is no way in which science can ever settle this "origin of the universe" question, since we will never have complete and abdolute knowledge about the universe.
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    Do you know when the paper was written? Does it address the problems, such as an eternal inflation violating the weak energy principle? As I said, a lot of papers have been writen on the subject over the past few years, and the original idea of an inflationary universe without beginning seems to have been discounted by a lot of cosmologists.

    This might be a good question to post to the newsgroup sci.physics.research. Several physicists post there and could shed some light on the subject.
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    I took this paper from http://bubba.ucdavis.edu/~infl03/Schedule.htm" [Broken] website.
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