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Influence of L1 L2 etc

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    Can some one tell me how big an area of influence the lagrange L1, L2
    etc points have ? or are they model depandant ? Thanks.
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    http://www.physics.montana.edu/faculty/cornish/lagrange.html [Broken]

    In this diagram the area covered by the L4, L5 points look huge, but i guess a body would have to enter it slowly and near the center to be captured, but what would its maximum orbit be?
    I can not understand how the L3 point is sustained, surly if the speed of G=C then any planetary influence would be (washed) away by the refresh rate of the speed of G ?
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    The attraction is quite weak. 2002 AA29 sails right through the Earth-Sun L4 and L5 points in its bizarre horseshoe orbit.
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