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Info about IEEE organization

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    I need some info about IEEE organization, membership or brief explanation about it cause i think to be one of its members

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    I was a member for many years, but discontined membership because I became active in other societies, although I might rejoin. It is the pre-eminent technical society of electrical and electronic engineers. I highly recommend membership if one is a EE.

    What specifically would you like to know about it?

    The website is - http://www.ieee.org/portal/site
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    I study electronic engineering, i've heard that one could have useful papers about electronic when become a member but i want to know more info such as paying by credit card or something might be free , what about my duties to IEEE, what would i gain ..... necessary general info i
    thank you!
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    I think you will be able to find answers to your questions on the IEEE website.

    They publish numerous journals in a variety of areas, and one can access the journals on-line, but I believe that for many one must subscribe, although an IEEE member gets a discount.

    If you are a university student, I would recommend that you talk to a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering department. Most universities have a local IEEE chapter for faculty and students.

    Your duties in IEEE are up to you. I was not very active in the society - I simply subscribed to several journals in power electronics, which had to do with some of my work. I was not active on any committee.

    On the other hand, I belong to other societies where I am active in various technical committees.
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    Astronuc, out of curiosity, what other societies are you involved in?
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    I participate in American Nuclear Society (ANS), ASTM, ASM International, and TMS. I might get involved in a few others, but basically my interest has been in materials, particularly high temperature materials such as refractory metals and alloys, and ceramics in aerospace and nuclear applications. This follows from my research in nuclear rocket propulsion, and for a while I was a student and professional member of AIAA. I will probably renew that one.

    Other than that, most of my work involves modeling the performance of materials in nuclear environments, nuclear fuel design analysis, and failure analysis.

    At another company, I did a lot of technical surveillance and QA auditing of the design and manufacture of nuclear fuel.
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    UK - http://www.theiet.org/media/aboutus/
    US - http://www.ieee.org/portal/site
    I'd like to emphasize -

    from The Institution of Engineering and Technology
    http://www.theiet.org/media/aboutus/rulesofconduct.cfm :cool: :approve: :smile:


    IEEE Code of Ethics :cool: :approve: :smile:
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