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Info/help/cct diagrams on ECG machines

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    I'm looking for info/help/cct diagrams on ECG machines, how they work etc etc. the full works. Looking to make a "simple" wireless ecg on bluetooth/rf.
    any help? sites? thanks:)
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    I went to Howstuffworks.com and did a search. They don't have a direct explanation about how EKG machines work, but they did have a link to this interesting site:

    http://themdsite.com/default.cfm [Broken]

    That site is more about interpreting the EKG trace, not about how the machine measures it.

    Then I googled ekg machine electrode circuit and got lots of good hits. Here's the first one:

    http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~mdw/papers/ekg-embs04.pdf [Broken]

    "A Portable, Low-Power, Wireless Two-Lead EKG System"

    Hope that helps. -Mike-
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