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Info needed on High Voltage Systems

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    I am working on an investigation and was wondering if you could help me with some information. There was an occurrence on a ship involving high voltage and am looking at the necessity of recommending training for the crew members. The crew was trained in 440V systems, but they were also working with 6.6kV systems. Do you know if there are different training requirements for working with the higher voltage levels? Also, are you able to list general differences in design, safety and troubleshooting between 440V systems and 6.6kV systems, or would you know where I could find this info?
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    I must say that no matter the specified voltage you should always respect it. Of course, a big difference in a little bite vs. a serious injury or in this case death. I recommend some basic safety tips such as removing jewelry, watches, and anything that might be conductive from your persons. Also when troubleshooting use your lock-out tag-out program but if you must have the circuit energized use insulated gloves and tools. Its always nice to troubleshoot with a buddy just in case something happens and even better if that person knows CPR. I can not really elaborate further without first hand knowledge of your incident and what it is you work on or with, sir. I hope this little tid bits helps you and remember training is key. If the crew members don't know what the hell they're doing don't let them do it alone. Being on a ship once myself in case of a disaster every man and woman counts, you know.
    PS type in google shop/electrical safety programs for more info.
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