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Info on Anatomy

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    I realize this is probably not the right place, but I didn't notice and anatomy section. Anyhow, I figured it would fit in biology.

    Well, I have a friend in a Nursing program and she is having a bit of trouble in class. She is to the point where she has to score atleast 88 on her last 3 tests to pass the course.

    I know a lil bit about the subject, but its been a while for me. I was just curious if anyone knew of some information readily availible to help with a college level anatomy course?

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    OK, so I never took an anatomy course but I had a couple of friends complain to be about it. Apparently it's all about memorization. You're just given hundreds of different names for all the weird little parts of the body that you have to memorize. So any of the old tricks for memorization could probably help in an anatomy course, pnemonic devices for instance.
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    Unfortantly, it is not about finding help. It is all about time you put into it. It is not a subject, where you can learn a concept and complete and entire test based on those concepts. It is about, sitting down and reading the chapter, then sitting down and reading it again, then again, ect.......... You see where I am going with this???

    Some people can sit down and read an anatomy chapter once and know it, but for some it may take 10 or 11 times. If your friend truly wants to be a nurse, she will find a way.

    An besides, does she realize how important A and P is for nursing students???

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    Flash cards? If what you have to do is be able to recover the rote memory based on a clue, reading and rereading isn't going to build the required links in your memory.
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    College level anatomy is not that intense or difficult. Trust me, if she takes the time to read the chapters a couple of times - she will be fine. Most peoples problems are that they take notes for the teacher and study the notes and don't even look at the book. If that is the case, then you are getting a watered down version of the book.

    Dump the notes and read the book.

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