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Info on heliodisplay/fog screen

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    I'm going to write an essay on this, but I need sources of information - especially on the physics of how these work! I've googled, but I can't find much information. Could someone please point me to a good source(s) of information.

    Thank you.
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    I don't think your going to find alot of information other than news articles and press releases. The company just announced the prototype. http://www.io2technology.com/
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    tsunami water screen

    have you guys checked out the Tsunami Water Screen yet? I saw it at a show a few months ago and it absolutely blew me and the crowd away. It projects video onto water, and it has an absolutely phenominal effect. The waterscreen was huge in comparison to the pictures that i have seen of the helios display.


    check it out
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    May the {stable} mirage be with us !

    Heliodisplay, probably, uses mirage effect (like on the desert)
    to obtain light reflexing or rather light deflecting screen.
    I don't know how exactly they generate stable courtain of
    layered air but I suppose that by means standing ultrasound waves.
    (may be used to heat air, too).
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    You ppl may also be interested in Electro-holography - check out MIT's website, and QinetiQ.com. This technology uses holography, and it is interactive, and also it seems to be much more promising and useful than any other display technology.
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