Info on the origins of shambhala

  1. anyone have any good books or info on the origins of shambhala before I get it tattooed on myself?:confused:

    been to the wiki page and it doesn't say much.
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  3. jedishrfu

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    The story Lost Horizon byJames Hilton and the land Shangri-la was supposedly derived from the mythical history of Shambala:

    and more on Shambhala:

    and some more mystical discussion about it whith reference to the Madam Blavatsky Theosophical Society which capitalized on the thirst for Eastern Mysticism in the West at the time:

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    I read this novel when I was in high school; it really had an impact on me. About the same time, "Shambala" became established in pop culture by the Three Dog Night song,
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