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Infolytica MagNet help

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    Infolytica MagNet help!!

    hi there,

    i'm trying to simulate a transformer using Infolytica's MagNet. But i'm not getting it right. Mostly because i couldn't find any tutorials or examples for this program.

    Can anybody post a tutorial link or even a example(s) where there are coils designed? i'd be really thankful...
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    Re: Infolytica MagNet help!!

    There are 2 sources of information for you. In the HELP menu, there are a few documents that will help, but probably the best is the "Introduction to MagNet" guide. This has a range of examples including coils.

    There is also a great deal more information in the Live Docs on the web pages, but this requires you to be a supported user of the software. If you are, then also ask support @ infolytica.com.
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