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Information about company

  1. Sep 6, 2014 #1
    I am doing engineering . I want to know some information about companies that will help me to get job

    I visit companies web site and I see what service they provide but we don't know what CAD tool they used to make electronic circuit.

    If we know something before interview. we can prepare very well before interview example
    If they use cadence , keil we can prepare very well because we know what they are using.

    same we don't know what qualities we should have to get job. what quality should have employ to get job.I mean design engineer , testing engineering ...etc and which type of employ they are looking for job.

    If my intrusted field is microcontroller. I like to make small projects with microcontroller
    I want to become design engineer so how to know what will be my role in company

    can we send mail to companies to know the some basic information about company ?
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    This is a very good question to be asking as a student.

    The reality is there is no quick and easy way to learn information about how a company operates and what qualities they are "really" looking for in the candidates they interview. It would be nice if you could go to their website and look all of this up in a little summary page, but rarely is such information posted.

    There are things you can do though. These include:

    1. Internships, co-op positions, and part-time jobs. The best way to learn about the inner workings of a company is by working for them. In general this lets you see how things are done, what software is being used, what projects they are working on, and perhaps even more importantly, you can develop an idea of what projects will be taken on the future. Also it allows the people who will potentially hire you on full time to evaluate you over more than just a half hour interview. It's common for companies to recruit directly from their co-op and internship programs, because even if you can find a candidate who looks better than your existing interns on paper or during an interview, (a) there is a risk in hiring someone where so many soft factors are unknown and (b) your interns require less training. Further, along these lines, even if you're not interested in work for the company you intern for (or vice versa), you learn about the industry. It gives you a chance to talk with people who have experience in that particular field who may have experience with other companies as well.

    2. Job shadowing and informal interviews. Sometimes (particularly as a student) you can arrange a job shadow or invite someone in the field for a lunch interview - not for the purpose of getting hired, rather, for the purpose of learning about the company or industry. As a general rule, people like to talk about themselves and while they may be restricted sometimes in the kind of information they can give you about company projects, if you find the right person, they might know which companies in the field are likely to be hiring soon, and which are likely to go belly up in the near future. You can also learn little tidbits like when to apply and who will be making the hiring decisions. This can help you to get your CV into the hands of the right person when the time is right, rather than relying on an HR department to distribute it. Remember that your university's career centre should have people who can help you to set these kinds of things up.

    3. Consider the job interview itself. Candidates are not expected to know everything before they start working. An interview is a two-way street. So while they are asking you about your interests and what you can bring to the company, you should have some time to ask about how the company functions and what will be expected of you. This demonstrates a genuine interest in the work and can help you to make the decision if the job is going to be a good fit for you.
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