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I've been trying to extend Shannon's ideas of classical information to QM, and the way information (as events that we measure) evolves, as it were.
Obviously to get information, you have to do work, which is (at least) equivalent to the entropy of the information that's projected, or determined.
For a 'bit' of information this entropy is = [tex] k_B ln(2) [/tex]. Which effectively is the separation of a pure state from a mixed state, in entropy-per-bit terms.

Information in the Shannon model is a result of communication, so surely it's ok to say the mixed state evolves to a pure state, the same way a signal translates or is communicated? In fact it's ok to say a measurement is a computation, or a projection of information (in some dimension)?
So QM systems compute this result, when we 'do the work' of getting the "comms channel" to transmit something in our direction?

This is the informational approach - everything that constitutes information is the result of a communication/computation. Is this pseudoscientific?


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Well correlations can be viewed in a Information Theoretic way as an exploitable communications resource. The field of treating Quantum Correlations as generalizations of Classical Information channels is known as Quantum Information Theory.

A good resource is Stephen Barnett's Quantum Information. The introductory chapter is even a nice crash course on Classical Information Theory.
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