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Information on mirages and mirages pictures

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    Can any body help me about mirages what it is and post links about its complete infomation and its pictures
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    Mirages are caused by a large temperature gradient near the ground. When the ground is very hot (black top roads on a hot summer day are typical of places where this occurs) the air above them becomes heated as well. The index of refraction of air depends on the density which is effected by temperature, so this causes light which approaches the hot surface at a shallow angle to be bent away from its normal path. What you see in a mirage is the reflection of things just above the horizon directly in front of you. Generally this is sky, thus the appearance of "water" on the road. Careful inspection of such mirages will revel images of trees, houses, cars and other objects approaching you on the road.

    As for links, you can google as well as I can. Do a search on Mirage, I am sure you will get some good hits. Or just go to Howthingswork.com.


    I found http://home.comcast.net/~rossgr1/Math/mirage.pdf on my personal web space. Note that it is 2.5MB so if you are on dial up... Be warned! This my be more then you can understand but there are some nice pictures! From Optics by Rossi
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    Thanx mate

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