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Information on photo-dissociation and co2

  1. May 28, 2012 #1
    Hi, I have been reading up on photo-dissociation of co2 and I all I can find is wiki and a couple other sources. I was wondering if any one knew of any good sources of information on photo-dissociation of co2. Like on what wavelengths of EM are best and the energy needed to cause the breaking of the Carbon and Oxygen bonds. Or at-least how would I go about figuring out how much energy is needed to break them into C + 2O, from that I could figure out how much energy a photon or multiples of photons would need to cause the breaking of the bonds.

    On wiki it says at the bottom of the page in Atmospheric Gamma Ray Bursts, that gamma ray burst's can produce gamma rays capable of photo-dissociation of CO2 into C + 2O


    I am looking for more detailed information than just that.
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