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Information technology.

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    Hi ,

    How are you??

    I would like to inquire about these questions:

    what is Information technology??

    What is the difference between information technology and Information system??

    What is the most company need:Information technology-computer science-Information System-MIS??

    Please help me
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    Please give me your opinion
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    Depends what you want to do....

    Information Systems Technology(IST)/Management Information Systems (MIS) are "easier" majors than Computer Science.

    MIS you can get more into a mangement position like business anlaysis/project manager so good money there but if you dont get the right skills/contacts you'll be in a more low level paying bracket from what I've seen/heard from my friends, same with IST, if you get into the right company you'll be fine but if your up against a Comp Sci major, your in trouble.

    Really it depends on the school on the definition of IT/IST/MIS
    In general IT/IST is more like web design/network admin
    MIS is more business oriented but still gives you expeirence in programming
    Comp Sci is more hardcore programming/design/some CE/EE as well <--- youll have most options as a comp sci
    A Comp Sci can do a MIS/IST/IT job easier than a the other way around but if it was up to me and pay wasn't an issue I'd rather do IST/MIS because they do more hands on programming and less theory.

    But it seems like in the real world you'll see comp sci's as the programmers/software architects and IST majors doing more trouble shooting hardware/setting up servers (more like a tech guy)
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