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Information transfer in space - need help with book research

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    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct category. Please direct me to the correct one, if I have made a mistake. As I have mentioned in my intro, my knowledge of physics is almost non-existent. I am writing a book series, and I'm trying to base my ideas on science (more or less).

    This is one of the questions I am working on right now:
    Information transfer in space. I am going to try to explain what I want to understand in the best way I can. In my story, there are "beings," which aren't really beings but more like information "clusters," or even singular "things." There's a concentrated amount of those "clusters" around a particular planet. Originally I meant the planet HD209458b to be the point of interest, but this can change, depending on the results of my research. The information doesn't have to be in clusters either, but at this point, this is the way I see it. The information is stored in some particles, or maybe not particles, but some energy carriers. I don't know. They contain information about, what I call "the net," which (if you could see it) would probably look like a net wrapped around, let's say, the Earth. This net is everywhere, but I am focusing on the Earth's one in my books.

    I'm going to concentrate on the "beings" 1st. I have a feeling that the idea I am trying to present isn't new, but I am struggling to understand it. These are the properties (the properties can be changed depending on the results of the research) of the "beings": each particle (or whatever it is - a small something) can influence a recipient, its nervous system, altering the recipient's perception and transferring information to them. As a result, the recipient (let's say, a human) sees another person or an object and even interacts with them, while those things aren't there. I call those information "clusters" beings because humans (or any animals) perceive information they transfer this way. This thing can also cause alteration of human (or any) DNA.

    I am sorry if this is confusing. I am confused myself :) But I want to straighten this up in my mind and attach a theory to it.

    One single container (the small thing) can travel anywhere, even though it has to be able to move fast or from one dimension to another. It also needs to follow some laws (of space and time, maybe, I guess). There also can be several of those things (which would form clusters) traveling together.

    I am trying to figure out what those things could be. What do they carry? Can they be attracted/ attached/ or even originated from the planet I mentioned (or any other planet or body in space)? How do they make nervous system perceive them as information? How can this information see itself through other people's perception and believe that it is an entity?

    Does any of this sound familiar to any of you? Or does this sound like a complete nonsense? :)

    Any help or advice is welcome!

    Thank you in advance!
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    Wow, this is a really interesting and complex idea, with lots of possible explanations depending on how Fantasy or how SCI FI you want this to be... So first, would you clarify a few things for me?

    Is this net artificial or a property of the planet? what i mean is whether this is something like a quantum level communication system designed for that purpose or is it a natural (or not so natural) property of the electromagnetic field that goes around the planet. (maybe the planet itself is a form of life which we had never understood)

    Depending on that, I also need you to tell me if this clusters are man created in order to communicate in this extraordinaire way, or are they some kind of physical anomaly that humanity struggles with. In the second scenario, we could analyse this "beings" (which they are not, but you know what i mean) as another form of life that has been influencing humanity from it's beginnings, but until now couldn't been measured so people just assumed they were hallucinations or divine messages. Or maybe, this is a new phenomenon, like, from one day to the next, people all around the world started having this sightings and now everybody is crazy to know what is going on.

    Anyway, this concept you have developed is better "based" on something that we have no idea of, more than making a different analysis of a certain existing theory. For example, blame this events on some other, unknown form of life which exists at a quantum level, transferring information at FTL speed and having a different perception of time or whatever (The film "The arrival" has some interesting thoughts on that). If not, you could also base this concept on some new tech that allows their users to communicate like that, so there is this secret corporation or society that uses this technology to influence humanity or whatever again.

    Good luck with your project, i hope this has been useful and i'll keep an eye open in case you answer.
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    stefan r

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    Maybe some of Freeman Dyson's astrochickens? He suggested around a kilogram each but newer ideas like the grey goo are much smaller.

    Maybe shoot photon's at the target. Like a cathode ray tube for example.
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