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Information Twin , loss Paradox?

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    Information "Twin", loss Paradox?

    Lets say I have a powerful telescope that can resolve focus instantly, I place a precission mirror at a Earth location, and I am with the telescope onboard a craft that can accelerate to a great speed. At the back of the craft I line up the telescope to interject with the mirror, and observe my image, 'looking through telescope'.

    Craft departs at speed.

    1)Does my image deteriate or remain constant?

    2)If craft is approaching light speed, does the mirror-image reflect a younger me?

    3)Does the intervening expanding space between Earth and Craft nullify Time evolutions for all light-paths that transpire to cross between 'Relative frames'.

    4)Can it be shown that observation remains time dependant, at all times even up to infinity?

    5)Are the Earth and Craft 'bound' by a path integral function that does not decay at either locations?
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    Number '2' is quite tricky!..being that I am at "two" different locations, and by fact that my image is static in relation to the accelerated "craft"!
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    I was going to try to answer your questions, but unfortunately I only understand half of what you're saying, so the answers I can give you won't be very helpful:

    1. The light will be redshifted.
    2. Every mirror does that, even the one in your bathroom.
    3-5. I don't really understand the questions.
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