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Infra-red and Ultra Violet Frequency

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    I am wondering if Science has determined specific frequencies for the two in-visible light areas ?

    For the sake of brevity, only include the "pure" part of the band. For UV, do not include the crossover x-ray area, and for IR, do not include the crossover with the microwave band.

    Assume that I know the general quantity already.
    (UV = <5.01e16 , >8.01e14)
    (IR = <4.01e14 , >5.01e12)

    Another way of stating question: Do we see the same pattern of identifiable points (ie colors) in the UV and IR portion of the spectrum? These in-visible "colors" would be at the same intervals as the visible colors.

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    The only difference between visible light and rest of the EM spectrum is that our eyes are only sensitive to visible light.

    It wouldn't be a very good idea to call bands of IR "IR colors," though, because color is a perception, not a sensation. In other words, if you percieve the color yellow, it may be the result of two distinct sensations:

    1) Monochromatic yellow light
    2) A mixture of monochromatic red and monochromatic green light

    The two situations produce the exact same perception, but are actually very different.

    - Warren
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    I appreciate your response, but I don't think we're on the same page.

    I said "These in-visible "colors" would be at the same intervals as the visible colors."

    By "in-visible", I'm saying "not seen",
    and by putting quotations around "color", I'm saying "not really" color.

    I'm looking for how far Lyman series predictions into UV will the same pattern go? (and Paschen series into IR)

    The pattern is the same increments apart (between values of wavelength or frequency) that we define as separate colors.

    I could also define the pattern as the total spread in value (w or f) of visible light. Is this overall measurement repeated in the IR and UV portions of the EM spectrum?

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