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Infrared and pot growing in home.

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    Here in Ontario/Canada police started using helicopters equiped with infrared cameras to detect marijuana grown in residentiall homes.
    As you know growing good pot requires lots of light/heat, so for cops is quite easy to fly over residential homes and check which one has big IR signature and then conduct small investigation and Bingo! another one busted.
    How do you guys think can anyone growing pot (who me? :cool: ) go about this problem and minimize IR problem?
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    Drug dealers are s** of b******. Just try to do something useful for society instead ob being an as*****
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    How about when you are in forrest for example and police is looking for you and are equipped with IR camera?
    If I climbed under the sheet of plastic foil covered on one side with aluminum,then my body heat is reflected back and almost none is radiating out,would that work?
    PS.By the way, home grown is the BEST! MAN! :tongue2:But I have to do something about that goddamn IR.!
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