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Infrared receiver low output range. Anything wrong?

  1. Apr 17, 2010 #1
    Hello Experts,

    I was sold a pair of 5mm transparent lens infrared transmitter and receiver LEDs.

    The look the same.

    I tested and the transmitter does glows infrared light.
    I measured the Receiver LED on a voltmeter and found that the transmitted infrared generates a very low voltage of max 0.9mV in the Receiver. When object not near or infront of the pair, the receiver voltage is about 0.2mV lower.

    My problem is I am not sure is this the proper operating performance.
    What i was told was the receiver is a BP103. I came home and searched the net to find that the BP103 should have 3 pins and is embedded with a transistor for amplification. What i got appears to be a normal 5mm LED and i could not see any transistor nor the 3rd pin!

    So, i just like to get some clues what sort of infrared receiver i got from the shop and is it a real infrared receiver and is the output voltage normal?

    If so, i am not sure how to manipulate the output voltage range that is so short. I feel that the detection may be too sensitive to be useful.

    Thank you for reading.

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