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InfraRed -> RS 232

  1. Sep 29, 2007 #1
    does anyone know how what type of circuit i need to transmit a signal over InfraRed. the signal i want to transmit is for example one byte -> 1010 1010

    the byte sent will be sent to a RS 232 port

    i have a shift register with the data ready to be sent

    i know that i need a IR photodiode and a phototransistor
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    Welcome to PF, Tko.
    I have no clue about your problem, but it might be better suited to the Electrical Engineering section.
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    Basically, that is ALL you need (you will also need a resistor to set the current; and a power-supply). However, make sure you get components with built in schmitt triggers (which means that the dioded will either be "on" or "off").

    However, for any serious work you are better off buying a converter; they are not very expensive.
    Also, note that not all types of equipment work with all converters. They are basically equivalent to a null-modem with only Tx, Rx and GND connected; some equipment requires more connections.
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