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Infrared technology

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    I got a simple question,
    who actually specializes in infrared technology? (IR LED diods)
    Is it electrical engineer or someone else? who's domain is it?

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    Claude Bile

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    The name of the field that encompasses devices that operate using both electronic and optical principles (which includes LEDs) is called Optoelectronics. Thus someone who works in the field would be an optoelectrician or an optoelectrical engineer.

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    Titles are really arbitrary. To make most infrared devices or systems you need expertise in a number of different areas. For instance designing and making a detector may involve chemistry, materials science, and solid state physics. Arranging the photons onto the detector (lens, grating, etc) would require expertise in optics. Making a useful electronic signal from the detector output would require electronics knowledge. Then of course these things need to be mechanically assembled. So really you need to have a team or be a Materials Scientist/Physicist/OpticalEngineer/ElectricalEngineer/MechanicalEngineer.
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